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“I had the privilege of evaluating numerous real estate opportunities with Nancy and Jack Driscoll. I was beyond impressed with their market knowledge, their dedication to the real estate industry, their genuine compassion for the people he helps, and their motivation for success.
Nancy and Jack are the true definition of action takers and I’m fortunate to call them friends”
-Linda Pedersen



Spinnaker Properties saved the day, my family and my credit!  I was wondering n the verge of losing my home of 10 years and doing irreparable damage to my credit which you prevent me from ever being a home owner again.
Jack and Nancy Driscoll of Spinnaker Properties came along and helped me understand the process of how they’ve helped others in similar circumstances. The relief I felt was what I needed to help me and my family move forward.
They bought my house with cash and saved me money because everything was done without a realtor or broker!  I had literally days before my world crumbled. I just can’t thank them enough.

B. Wayne

Best Regards,

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know both Nancy and Jack through various professional meetings,
and I can’t say enough about the wonderful people that they are. If you are looking to work with honest,
ethical, and professional investors then look no further than them. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship together for many years!

– Ryan, Investor/Lender

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